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(still in review: changes to be made include a section explaining Hiding and Silence statuses, and enumerating a variety of levels of them with corresponding resistances to being cancelled by other activity) 

The Stealth skill provides the character with a variety of techniques to conceal his/her presence from others nearby.  This includes the potential to both move about silently and hide so that nearby creatures may fail to see the character. 

In essence, these two activities, hiding and moving silently, represent the vast majority of the techniques under this skill, but there are a variety of limitations and special circumstances which should create a wide array of techniques to pursue.

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The specific branches of the Finesse line of skills will vary by setting and genre, but they will all grant approximately the same basic abilities: allowing the character to act to improve the basic protective capabilities of articles of clothing/armor being worn, and/or prevent significant damage to those same items.

The typical fantasy campaign, for example, might have 5 specific branches of the Finesse line normally available: Finesse, Light Flex (Soft Leather, Padded); Finesse, Light Rigid (Rigid Leather); Finesse, Heavy Flex (Chain Mail, Splint Mail); and Finesse, Heavy Rigid (Plate Mail), as well as a special Finesse, Cloaks and Robes skill with a somewhat different focus.  A sci-fi setting, by contrast, might have Finesse skills for Plastic, Ceramic, and Powered Armors of various types instead.

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In order to keep myself actively and regularly posting, I plan to run a few recurring “features” of a sort, one of which will be a weekly post describing elements of my “dream design” in some detail.  I thought I’d start with the relatively straightforward task of enumerating some of the various skills I wish to incorporate into the design.

As I began planning the specifics of this process, I quickly realized that the posts would make very little sense without going into at least some detail as to the underlying mechanics that would presumably support these skills.   And thus, this post was born…

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