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Sorry about the dearth of posts over the past few days… I’ve been a bit, er, distracted.

Seems as good a time as any to start that little series of retrospectives I was talking about in my anniversary post.  It’s time for the first edition of:

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Last year at about this time, I was pontificating about…

Trophy Equipment (2006-11-11)

There was an interesting topic doing the rounds earlier this week, related to a post on TerraNova about the concepts of soul-binding, “trophy equipment”, and how different designs impact the general ability to gauge a player’s level of experience, at least, via a review of their equipment…

RPG Archive: Eternal Soldier (2006-11-11)

Eternal Soldier was a product I accidentally stumbled across while wandering the show floor at GenCon in 1987 or ‘88 (not entirely sure which)… 

Skill of the Week: Stealth (2006-11-12)

My thoughts at the time on how I might implement a Stealth skill in my dream game.  Not for the faint of heart 🙂

Dr. Bartle Strikes Again (2006-11-13)

The esteemed Richard Bartle (of MUD1 and Bartle Classification system fame) lobbed a little hand grenade on a design issue into the waters at TerraNova, and created a really juicy thread of comments to pick through.  (He is really quite good at that.  Gotta admire the man.)

His post titled Pointless Killing asks a deceptively simple question: do we really need “experience points”?…

(I do still feel bad about not initially using his appropriate title.)

Dream Design: Combat (2006-11-14)

Dream Design: Combat, part 2 (2006-11-15)

Dream Design: Combat, part 3 (2006-11-17)

My thoughts at the time on how I would implement Combat in my dream game.  If you decide (god help you) to read it all, bring a lunch… it’ll take a while.

Random Reflections on the “grind” (2006-11-15)

A commenter (David (Talaen)) on the previously mentioned TerraNova thread presented what I felt to be a pretty succinct definition of MMO “grind”:

“Any repetitive activity which is done by the player for the purpose of advancement, but which the player does not consider fun in and of itself.”

The intriguing part of this, for me, is the question of why a player would continue to play a game that they did not find fun… 

New Directions (2006-11-20)

Just some random thoughts and comments related to Psychochild’s weekend challenge for this week, titled Rethinking the Online RPG…

(Recycling is good, right? 🙂 )

Actual new content will resume sometime this weekend. To those in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving! To everyone else, have a peaceful week!

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