About: Voyages in Eternity

The blog is meant to be an on-going contemplation and discussion of MMOs, role-playing, and gaming in general, with an emphasis on design concepts.  As such, there won’t be much in the way of reviews, descriptions of events during play (except as an example of an element of design), or the like.  Probably a bit of an esoteric choice of topic for most people, but there may be a few odd individuals like myself who will find it interesting.

There may be a little personal stuff every once in a while, and I don’t promise not to bore you with the occasional programming tidbit.  Consider them the hazards of the site…

Damiano portraitAbout: DamianoV

Name: Craig Huber

Birthday: March 17 (mid-blizzard-of-the-century, I’m told… often…)

Age: 40+ (going on 200 or 12, depending on the circumstance) 

Nicknames: Hubie/Hubey, “Tron”, the Huebster, “the weird guy in that house down the street”, Damiano

Location: North Star State, Land of 10000 Lakes (aka Minnesota)

Occupation: Small Business Owner (www.vntech.com), Software Developer

Hobbies: Wargamer, RP gamer, Computer Gamer, Game Design theory and practice (and people say I’m one dimensional…)

Marital Status: Single (see above)

Contact: you can reach me at huberc *at* frontiernet -dot- net.  (Please thank your local spammer for the lack of convenient link above.  I suggest a box of diuretic-loaded chocolates.)