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As many may recall, there is a game development conference here in Minnesota at the end of March (29-30), the Independent MMO Game Developers Conference.  As per the site…

IMGDC is a venue for Independent designers and developers to come together to share ideas and learn in all areas related to MMOGs.

It was a great conference last year, and I’d really like to encourage the denizens of the MMO blogosphere to come and join in the experience… perhaps we can have a blogger sub-convention of sorts?

As an incentive to encourage attendance, I’d like to have a little contest.  I have a couple of extra conference passes to give away, and anyone who can make it to the conference is welcome to put their name in the hat to receive one of them.  (In addition, anyone who wants to save on hotel costs is welcome to crash at my place, as well… it’s not exactly the Ritz, and a ways out in the burbs, but it’s got a roof and 4 walls, and plenty of room.)

To submit your name for the drawing, simply leave a comment after this post.  If you have a blog, please leave a link.  If you don’t have a blog, list a couple of blogs you frequent and comment on.  I do want to try to keep it confined to people who are involved in the MMO blogs on some level, but beyond that, no restrictions apply.  Depending upon how much interest there is, I’ll do a random drawing from amongst the submitted entries to determine the winners, if necessary.

Other people likely to be at the conference include Brent ( and Cuppy (  I’m assuming Michael Zenke from MMOG Nation will be there as well (Madison isn’t _that_ far away 🙂 ).  Aaron from Anyway Games will be attending as well, last we talked, assuming it works with his schedule, of course.  I’m assuming other locals like Cameron, Kendricke, and Ethic will be there as well (or at least available for a dinner gathering, perhaps?)

And, of course, there are the actual speakers at the event… check out the list at the conference site.  It should be a great conference.

So, free conference passes up for grabs.  Anyone interested?

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