My 2007 list is here

The only one I can claim unmitigated success with is #2… I hit 225 in July, actually, and maintained fairly ever since (227 this morning… but it’s the holidays).  I guess I could claim success on #1… I’m still here blogging… but I don’t really feel I’ve improved the site much.  #3 and #4…

Well, let’s not dwell on the past. 🙂

1. Maintain the blog for another year, and hopefully improve it.

2.  Get back into the swing on my volunteer projects.  (This one will be tough… the office is going to be a demanding place this year.)

3.  Get something _done_ with my own Voyages project (low priority).

4.  Go to my 25th high school reunion, which should be this year, assuming there is one.  (Could be fun…)

5.  I will be more generous this year.  (My charitable giving was down slightly this year according to my records.  That needs to change.)

Happy New Year, all!