Following the lead of Cameron and Aaron… and because it’s something I can put up quick to prove I’m not dead.  I hesitate to call this a “Top” 10 list, since a similar list I put together on a different day would probably be somewhat different… relative valuation depends upon my mood.  However, each of these represents some positive memories and definite good times, so…

The Realm

My first real graphical MMO, and you never forget the first.  (Still available, by the way.  A nice little diversion, if you can handle slightly dated graphics.)

Ultima Online

For all the issues over the years, I still find this game to be one of the most inspiring of all.


From spending a week recovering a corpse from the depths of Blackburrow, to finally working my High Elf over to Qeynos… a lot of satisfying memories of real challenges overcome.


Some good ideas hidden behind the smack-talk rhetoric… a way to occasionally escape the tension without logging out of the game would have made it even better, tho.

A Tale in the Desert

This one makes my list for sheer creativity and exploration of alternative styles of play.  Yes, sometimes I do play to bake bread.


An ambitious title with some good ideas and interesting setting, that in the end just couldn’t quite meet the expectations of it’s best (worst) fans… but not for lack of trying.

City of Heroes

A solidly fun little title, and one that has grown with time.  Maybe not real deep… but enjoyable nonetheless.  If nothing else, flitting around amongst the skyscrapers was worth the price of admission all by itself.

Dungeons and Dragons Online

For bringing back the magic-user/thief multiclass alone, DDO would make my list (Damiano Lives!).  Throwing in some actual dungeon crawling, as limited as it might have been… sheer bonus.

Tabula Rasa

It has it’s problems, but at a minimum, I will likely always remember my very first participation in a group defense to hold the Hydro Plant in Divide.  A nail-biter of a victory, blowing Linkers and Thrax back thru the gate one shotgun blast at a time… absolutely glorious.

Pirates of the Burning Sea

My first real sailing mission during testing, bearing down on a pirate under full sail with the wind to our aft, cannon at the ready… it’s not even released yet, and it makes my list for that one moment.