I have to chime in on this one… it’s just too good to pass up.  I agree with most of the Honorable Lum (the Mad)’s points, understand…

Taking the HLtM’s bullet points, one at a time…

PvP should not be the focus of your entire game

Agreed in toto: PvP should feed into a larger goal.  My preference is that such goals be about claiming territory or resources… that’s what RL PvP is almost always about, after all.  Religious crusades to convert-and/or-destroy the heathens/infidels/unclean (with cynical economic goals for the aristocracy behind the scenes) work okay, too…

PvP should not be a random afterthought

Agreed in toto: but I would note this should be a general rule for any and all subsystems, hardly limited to implementing PvP.  If you want something to sUxx0r, tack it on your game as a random/rushed afterthought.

PvP players hate classes

Everyone hates classes (except those who don’t, of course).  Actually, I personally think class “hatred” is a simple function of player experience.  The more experienced the player, the less comforting and conversely more irritating classes (and their usually contrived limitations on activity) become.

PvP players need classes

I don’t like the wording, but I agree with the sentiment.  PvP requires a fair level of tactical transparency.  Classes are one way to achieve that.  Doom did it with pistols, shotguns, and BFGs.  Whatever works.

PvP players detest grinding

True enough, but slightly off-target, IMO.  PvP players want to play a PvP game.  I know, shocking, isn’t it?  Setting up your game such that they have to go through days/weeks/months of PvE (or other hoops/hurdles) to even get to the PvP, let alone have much chance for success, is likely to be viewed with less-than-rapturous-praise as a result. 

In the past, PvPers have wanted to reach the “end game” in two weeks because that’s where the game they want to play IS.  This is changing (finally).  That is good.  (Heck, _I_ get this, and I don’t really like PvP.  Where does this mental block come from?)

PvP players need some grinding 

Agreed in toto.  It needs a better bullet point, tho.  MMO PvP players need some grinding… there, that’s better.

PvP should not screw new players over

Agreed in toto.  Games with a less attentuated power curve in the advancement model(s) would help, but there’s also the problem of player skill…

PvP should screw over someone

This is why I don’t like PvP.  But I can’t argue against the need for that dynamic.

“You gotta keep ‘em separated.”

Only true if you want to, like, pay the electricity bill with revenues from your game, or something silly like that.  A riff on the old saying: unrestricted PvP=a great way to make yourself a millionaire… if you’re already a billionaire.

But not too separated

Agreed in toto.  Striking a reasonable balance in enticements to enter the PvP area can be dicey, but it is necessary.  It’s a little like jumping into a lake, I guess: yes, the water is cold, but once you get past the initial shock you’ll be fine…

In the endless player skill argument, you should assume your players don’t have any

And if I’m one of those players, you can be absolutely certain of that.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reward those players who do

Agreed in toto.  And don’t overlook the value of mere bragging rights, with a dollup of shameless promotion on the side…

PvP players are angry and bitter, and will hate you

And this is different from the general MMO audience… how?