Alright, I have a little problem, and since I can’t seem to decide, I thought I might get some opinions.

This little screenshot probably gives you a clue of what my issue is…

MMO insanity

Yes, all of those are _active_… But Wait, There’s More!  I also have World of Warcraft and a few other smaller games (free-to-play, thank god) on a different box. 

So, my MMO subscriptions at this moment in time… just the ones with a cost, mind you…

Title Term Cost Last Played Time played
(that month)
City of Heroes monthly $16.04 Nov 2007 2 hours
Tabula Rasa monthly $16.04? Nov 2007 18 hours
EverQuest 2
Star Wars Galaxies
monthly (Station Pass+) $30.98 Nov 2007
Nov 2007
Nov 2007
6 hours
1 hour
2 hours
D&D Online: Stormreach quarterly $41.85 Oct 2007 2 hours
Lord of the Rings Online quarterly $28.75 Oct 2007 3 hours
World of Warcraft monthly $14.99 Oct 2007 2 hours

With the new TR subscription, that puts me over $100 per month.  For a total of some 30 hours of activity between them (and _that_ was with a holiday in there.)

(Yes, I am a moron.  Why do you ask?)

The issue?  I can’t decide which ones to drop.  I do enjoy them all at various times, in various moods.  TR is getting the lion’s share of attention at the moment, but I can tell that’s already tapering off.

It seems silly to drop the Station Access.  I usually end up playing CoH more than anything else, and with Issue 11 going live, there’s new content to explore (plus I actually have a character close to Level Cap!  A first!)  I lose the special pricing on LoTRO if I drop that.  I’ve got some old friends that will be returning to DDO in the new year, and will be asking me to join them.  How can I keep track of what’s going on in WoW if I don’t play it now and then?  And so on, and so on…

Any suggestions?  Beyond grow a spine?