Yes, I had a nice holiday, thank you.  Visiting the family, a little housework, a lot of reading, a little writing, a little coding… quite relaxing, really.

Anyway, I’m working my way back into the routine again.  Figured I’d start with a “pet peeves” post… relentless whining is always a good blog topic, right? 🙂

My top 5 pet peeves in MMOs:

5) Being unable to establish a “friends” list with people who are not online at that moment (Tabula Rasa, I’m looking at you.)

4) Any subsystem that fails to explain some of the basic steps as to how it is to be used. (Too large a list of offenders to start enumerating.)

3) Feeling forced to wander out to the same remote backwater location multiple times because I happened to do certain steps of certain quest chains in the “wrong” order.  (EQ2 comes to mind, but it’s far from alone.)

2) “Kill X foozles” quests… particularly when X>50 and I’ve already slaughtered enough of them that I should have earned a citation for genocide.  (Again, offenders are too numerous to even begin listing them.)

1) “Crafting”, as implemented nearly everywhere.  (At least on this one, different games irritate me for different reasons…)

So, what particularly grievous irritants did I miss?