Ah, I do so love the Web…

Via a banner ad at the Looking for Group webcomic

a persistent browser-based RPG I don’t recall ever seeing before, Sryth

and via a link on the Sryth web site, a site compiling info about persistent browser-based games, PBBG.org, which links to a whole bunch of additional stuff.


Changing gears…

Looking for a relatively simple way to do a “wall of fog” effect in my little game.  It’s meant to be indicate a boundary for “remembrance” and “dream” vignettes, which will basically be short personalized instances… one of the major uses of which will be to introduce the player to various game play elements (i.e. interface and game mechanics training).

Anyway, I could just use descending alpha values with a white filter, but I’d like to have it a bit more obvious than that, and some slowly animated “smoke”/’fog” would be a nice touch, I think.  But, I can’t seem to find anything quick and simple that looks okay, or at least looks like my minds-eye envisions that it should.

I’d rather not go full-on 3-D particle effects, just something “simple”.  I tried using a dirt simple 2-D wall… not good, although getting it animated was kind of fun.

Voyages Fog Walls, attempt 1

Tho, now that I look at it with a fresh mind (this was a 2am, insomnia-driven endeavor), maybe if I add a simple relatively low alpha “block” of solid white in the center to give it some depth…