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I know, I know: take away my Gamer’s card.

Here’s the thing: I was deeply involved with challenges at my business during the initial release of SWG, so I never got to play as much of the game as I would have liked, nor dig as deeply as I would have liked into the systems thereof.

I am curious as to what challenges were encountered in terms of the HAM system.  Anyone who’s seen some of my dream design rantings knows that I’ve got something fairly similar in mind: I’d really like to learn from the past here, but I can’t seem to find any reasonably deep detail on what the past was!

I know the basics of how system worked originally, and the general order of the changes that came along.  My question is, what were the effects/problems that prompted those changes?  Anyone?  (Bueller?)

Distribution of preferred styles of play amongst current game players, according to International Hobo’s DGD1 survey (from Chris Bateman’s talk):

  • 50% Logistical (primary goal: complete tasks, clear directions desired)
  • 25% Tactical (primary goal: do what needs to be done, clear goals, process cloudy)
  • 15% Diplomatic (primary goal: make everything as it should be, processes clear, goals cloudy)
  • 10% Strategic (primary goal: work out what needs to be done, both process and goals can be unclear/explorable)

I bring these numbers up because it would appear to be a possible partial explanation for why current MMO quests may not fit the bill for some of us.  If they are designed to accommodate the dominant “logistical” play style (which I think they are), and you are a strategic player…

Reminder: there is a second survey currently underway exploring these themes a little more deeply at International Hobo, and they are looking for input from players.

A separate little test, which also provides a brief report on which styles of play you seem to gravitate toward, can be found here

For the record, I came up as Dominantly Manager (mastery of systems), Strongly Wanderer (unique experiences), and marginally Conqueror (challenge, fiero) and Participant (emotional connection, social).

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