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A co-worker sent me this link today.

I just gave it the once over… the verdict?  It has several problems.

  1. Crafting sucks… boring, repetitive, and very poor payout until you hit high levels;
  2. Professions are wildly unbalanced;
  3. Takes forever to level up;
  4. The end game?  Haven’t gotten there yet, but it looks like 90% of it is spent staring at walls.  Boring…;
  5. It’s dang hard to find a decent group, and even harder to keep it together;
  6. Combat is way too twitchy;
  7. The economy… OMG, you thought EQ was bad…
  8. Loot tables need a major re-work;
  9. Most quests are repetitive, and don’t scale well for groups;
  10. The lousiest implementation of perma-death you can dream of.

This one was obviously released _way_ too early. 

On the other hand, I don’t think I’m going to unsubscribe, nor complain too loud.  Not sure I really want to know what a patch day might look like…

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