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This is in response to Darren’s post over at Common Sense Gamer.  My opinion: in a word, yes.

They are press in the same way that the pamphleteers of the American Revolution were press.  They are press in the same way as the National Journal, New York Times, National Enquirer, and the Onion are all press.

Being “press” is not necessarily about just reporting facts or giving a blow-by-blow of an event, after all.  That’s one part of it, but it’s also part of stenography.  Being part of the press is also the act of putting those facts and events into some sort of context, and bringing together information from multiple sources, that otherwise might not be connected by a reader/listener, and giving those individuals yet another perspective.

Are bloggers and podcasters “journalists”?  Many, probably not.  Journalism has some particular rules related to balance and sourcing which most bloggers and podcasters simply don’t adhere to with any regularity.  However, I do think we are at least as much “press” as any “shock jock” radio personality, or opinion page editorial staff, or TV pundit extraordinaire.  (We just don’t get paid to do it.)

My two cents…

Tracing through some of the “Web 2.0 side of the family” via commenters at Raph’s site, I ran across this interesting little tidbit at, essentially an imbedded chatbox.  Sadly, from the looks of it I’m guessing it doesn’t work under vanilla hosted wordpress (I’m going to have to break down and set up a _real_ blog, aren’t I…)

(Sorry about the delay.  A few loose ends IRL had to be tied down over the weekend.)

The final day of AGDC was Friday, and it started much the same as the other days.  A quick walk with Erik Hyrkas to a nearby coffee shop for a light breakfast, then over to the convention center.  While Erik went to the exhibit hall to follow up on a few things, I went to the keynote speech, presented by the Director of Game Operations of Nexon America, Minho Kim.

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