Been playing with my little XNA-based MMO test-of-concept project over the past few days, and have another question for the wide wide world… which inventory interface paradigms have really stood out for you in past MMOs as useful or superior?

I’m trying to create multiple interface objects that can just be plugged in at will, you see, and I want to be sure to have at least the major basic styles covered.  As I see it, you’ve got…

Old Style UO:

Probably not the most user-friendly of the lot, but basically adequate, and with a significant “nostalgia factor” for some.  Allows a fair amount of personalization in terms of organizing the inventory.

Diablo Style:

Has the advantage of being able to express a rudimentary “bulkiness” factor in addition to the more common weight/encumbrance value.  Can really eat up the screen space with even a moderate sized inventory, however…

Prototypical MMO “slot-based”:

EQ and WoW style slots.  Conservative in terms of screen space and user-friendly, but fairly poor at expressing/handling all but the most rudimentary concept of bulk or weight (i.e. 4 halberds in a belt pouch?  Why not?)


Verbose, lots of screen real-estate, but has the advantage of being able to compare similar objects/weapons/tools at a glance (as long as there aren’t dozens of them).

What am I forgetting?  Anyone have a new idea that I should try to accommodate while I’m at it?