… and Avenging Pixie (43 blaster, energy/devices, +invis and flight) finally gets her wings.  (Only 3 million influence and change… what a deal!)

Avenging Pixie gets her wings!

By way of comparison, this was her look a few issues back… (best I could do for the “plant lady” look at the time…)

Pixie old style

When they added a few plant-based options around the release of CoV, she got a little better…

Pixie with feather cape

But replacing the feather cape with the fairy wings… I’ve been wanting that since I created that character back in the second week of CoH release (my second character, as I recall, right after my emp/psi healer, Sapphire Knight.)  Now if I could just get them to let her “devices” be magical, instead of tech…

Sorry, just had to celebrate a bit.