I’ve spent the past couple of days (sandwiched between a host of other chores and duties) doing a brief “survey” of a bunch of different MMOs.  Actually, it was more related to my previous post than this topic, but this struck me as I was quickly going through the various games, one after another.

Briefly, I am beginning to wonder if perhaps another of the issues with Vanguard, why it didn’t resonate with a bunch of people, is that the combat at low levels is, not to put to fine a point on it, rather boring to watch.  Even the spells and special abilities are fairly muted, and the attacks are very repetitive. 

Compared to games like Guild Wars and CoX, with loud, flashy attacks even for the noobs; DDO with all the turning and tumbling and jumping that it generally involves (esp the kobolds); even WoW, LOTRO, and EQ2 feel more “lively” when run side-by-side.

I’ll admit, I really didn’t notice it before, due to the other issues early on and limited time to play, but it really stood out for me this time around.  Anyone else notice the same thing?  Think it may have had some impact?