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Just a quick reminder: MMMOGIG #3 is today, same place (Kip’s Pub), same time (2p-6p or thereabouts). 

Lots of the usual people actually won’t be making it, given the other major events of the weekend as well as personal conflicts (we’re deep in vacation season here, after all), but still, everyone is welcome.  Whether the group is large or small, it’s an opportunity to meet new people of varying interests and get some new perspectives.

I have not reserved a room this time, rather figured we would see how the day progressed, perhaps if the weather clears we can go to the patio and enjoy some sun as well… (harder to justify when you’re paying for the room). 

Hope to see you there…

This is prompted by a bunch of only vaguely related posts (linked below the fold).  Collectively, they recalled to me a time, long past, when my high school buddies and I crowded around an Apple II, deep in the bowels of the high school where the computer lab was placed (no doubt to limit the spread of the infection), playing Wizardry I, taking turns at the keyboard to control our character, and in the interim talking about how cool it would be if we could take all that, add in everything from our nightly D+D campaign, hook it up to a cold fusion reactor, sprinkle liberally with fairy dust, and create an online RPG world.  My god, it will be beautiful…

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