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It’s been a bit… I think I can be forgiven for a mere linkage post… 

I have a Guild Cafe account, prompted by Nicodemus originally, noticed and used by Ethic, and reminded by Cuppy that I should probably have more than 2 friends if it’s going to be useful… if you have an account (or make one), please add me to your list, I’d love to see what others are playing, and their “style” (those surveys need some work).  I promise to get my list of games more fleshed out at some point, as well.

One of my favorite ranters, Nerfbat, recently added to his list of classics, this time on character customization.  My take… it sounds most like a wish to figure out a way to make faces matter.  Easily shifting visual focus (in terms of instantly narrowing or widening the view, as we instinctively do during conversation) isn’t a strong suit of the current interface paradigm.

MMOGNation is usually good (and his Massive Updates at 1up rock!), but this post on MMOADD really hits home.  I like the “swarming” visualization in particular…

A couple blogs have been added to the old blogroll over the past couple weeks.  One in particular I wanted to highlight was MMOre Insight.  Some good stuff over there.  I’ve run across other blogs, too, at various times, that have been lost to the mists due to not being at a place or having time to get them linked.  Very disheartening, actually.  If you have a blog that discusses MMO topics on occasion, please drop a note in the comments here letting me know.  I’d love to get you added.  (While the Virgin Worlds blog crawl is a godsend, Brent can’t do it all…)

(Reminder to self: get Van Hemlock added to the blogroll, dang it all!)

Psychochild must be in a lull at his gig: 3 posts in one week?  Unheard of!  I commented in this Weekend Challenge about gathering feedback, thought I’d link to it as well, maybe prompt a few additional replies…

GRR.  There was going to be more… but duty calls.  Til tomorrow…

(P.S. The “honorable mentions” followup post for the Dream Setting series won’t happen until this weekend.  A bunch of things going on, mainly personal, that keep interrupting.  Figured I’d explain, just in case anyone was actually wondering.)

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