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“If you could make any game you wanted, and were guaranteed not only enough money to build it to your precise specs, but even guaranteed that it would be a success (in other words, setting aside all financial considerations), what would you make?”

This is part 3 of a 5 part series exploring some of the pen-and-paper settings which have come to my mind as a result of contemplating that question.  Note that, unlike most of my other posts where I refer to PnP RPGs, in this series of posts I’m talking about setting, not system.  I’m not presenting in any particular order, either… just posting them as they come to hand while I scan across my bookshelves.


Space 1889 Cover

The Victorian Age, the mere half-century, give or take, from the 1860s to the start of the Great War (WW1) has always been another setting that has intrigued me.  It was a time of remarkable advancement and creativity: many of the technologies we take for granted today went from sideshow curiosity to commonplace acceptance in this period.  It was also a time of adventure and exploration: the farthest reaches and darkest corners of the globe, from equatorial jungles to the poles, were explored and mapped, their wonders revealed for all to see.  Discovery and transformation were the watchwords of the age.

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