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This is to be a series of posts (5 to be exact), and was prompted by a question from Kendricke this past weekend.  He asked, “if you could make any game you wanted, and were guaranteed not only enough money to build it to your precise specs, but even guaranteed that it would be a success (in other words, setting aside all financial considerations), what would you make?”  Being a pen-and-paper RPer for, well, forever, my mind automatically went to past exploits and experiences in that hobby, and two of my suggestions made at the time are in the list to follow (Call of Cthulhu and Gamma World).

After some reflection, I decided that there are 5 such settings that I’d truly love to make and explore, all primarily inspired by pen-and-paper RPGs.  Note that, unlike most of my other posts where I refer to PnP RPGs, in this series of posts I’m talking about setting, not system.  I’m not presenting in any particular order, either… just posting them as they come to hand while I scan across my bookshelves.

And so, without any further ado…

Gamma World

Gamma World 1st EditionGamma World 3rd EditionGamma World 4th EditionGamma World Alternity version

Maybe it’s just a result of growing up in later part of the Cold War Era, but I’ve always loved this setting.  The gritty black-and-white first edition of Gamma World, as cobbled together and spotty as the rule system was, really intrigued me for some reason, and I’ve been an avid fan of the setting ever since.  To wit: you may have noticed an omission in the middle of the set of covers above… I can’t show the 2nd edition rules cover because we literally wore it off the book.  I can’t find it to scan it in.  Yes, it was just stapled on, but still…

(There were other influences as well: the Thundarr the Barbarian Saturday morning cartoon series, various books (Hiero, the Pelbar series), and of course, the Fallout CRPG series, all play into this, too.)

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