Well, yesterday morning I ended up with two tasks for the day, in addition to some work at the office to get done: replacing my apparently long-suffering, now utterly burned out video card (ah, the smell of burning plastic in the morning… sigh), and getting my lawn down to something below “prairie grass” length.

Guess which of the two got accomplished.  Two guesses, the first one don’t count.  Maybe I can just have my lot declared a nature preserve, and be done with it?

Little progress was made over the weekend on my test-of-concept project, I’m afraid.  It’s actually in a bit of a “broken” state at the moment: I am moving the socket object refs completely out of the individual screen objects and trying it as a single static reference via the main Game object (where it probably should have been in the first place, logically at least), and since that’s only halfway done, there’s no easy way to “disconnect” the network code like there once was. 

I can’t even run the thing at the moment without 50 compiler errors or so popping up at the moment.  It’ll only take a half-hour or so to clean up, but that won’t happen until tonight at the earliest… lol, one week in and already I’ve missed a WSR (weekly status report).  Maybe if I make it bi-weekly? 🙂