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Just a quick question: what are people’s general preferences in terms of the buttons/icons/whatever related to actions in MMOs?  Do you prefer more abstract buttons, like those in City of Heroes…

City of Heroes HUD Icons

where colors and geometry hint at the functionality, or more picturesque buttons, like those in EQ2 and many other games…

EQ2 HUD icons

I’m starting in on some buttons for my own little experiments, and I’d like to get some sense as to preferences. I’m not sure how much choice I really have, in the long run… the more activity options incorporated into the design, the more complex the buttons will get… but it’s still useful info.

Thanks, in advance…

“Some people who play MMOs seem to think they’re only worth buying if they are equally fun for all players on day one, day two, and day 2,427.”

Moorgard makes some interesting observations in the linked post, which started as a response to this post on LotRO at Adele Caelia’s blog (reminder: which needs to be added to my blogroll).

It is true, MMOs are evaluated a bit differently than single player RPGs in terms of the purchasing decision: I do it myself.  I started to try to evaluate “why”, and figured I’d post some of my ideas, and request some feedback.  (I’d definitely suggest reading Moorgard’s post first, btw, otherwise a lot of the following might not make much sense…)

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