With the apparent imminent demise of Auto Assault looming, an old question I’ve pondered before came back to mind recently.

Whatever happened to the code and data that represented Earth and Beyond?  Motor City?  Jumpgate (the original)?  Asheron’s Call 2?  What about games that never even made it to release, like Wish, UO2, Mythica?

Where does all that work, all that creativity, go?  Do the design docs get dumped into a shredder?  Do the tapes get erased, the disk drives reformatted?  Or does all that material sit gathering cobwebs, guarded by ever larger dust bunnies on some backshelf in a warehouse, slowly disintegrating with time?

Why do I ask?  In part, it’s just morbid curiosity.  In part, it’s wondering why some of these companies don’t monetize the assets they’ve generated in a different way after closing the doors.  (I assume it’s because they don’t get up in the morning unless the number has 7 digits to the left of the decimal point, minimum.)  And in part, it’s because in many cases, I wonder what might have been missed the first time around.

Just wondering…

Edit: LOL, I didn’t realize Netdevil was still running Jumpgate.  Skip that one up above…