Update: I’ve just verified that we are in the Molly room, and good to go for 2:00.  I’ll be headed out the door in 10 minutes or so to get there and greet everyone (I hope).   Hope to see you there!  (@Cameron: too much partying, eh? Heh…)

Just a quick reminder that the next MMMOGIG will be at Kip’s Irish Pub in St. Louis Park, tomorrow, June 30, from 2-6.  It’s not required to RSVP via meetup.com (although it is appreciated, just to get a feel for the amount of space necessary)… feel free to just show up if the opportunity arises, the more the merrier.

I’m going to be bringing a camera to take a couple pictures of anyone willing to smile/frown/pose for a photo (to “prove it happened”, as some have suggested 🙂 ), and I’ll maybe try to create a bit more substantial report of the ebb and flow of the discussion, depending on how it goes.  For my part, I can only really do that if I sit back and just observe, instead of partake, and that’s not really why I organize these to begin with, so…