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As seen at Penny Arcade, Netdevil has started promoting Jumpgate: Evolution.  I’ve always kicked myself for missing out on the original Jumpgate…

The Rampant Coyote has a great article up entitled “Why do RPGs suck now?”  Many of the articles linked are not strictly about MMORPGs, but who cares?  The same basic concepts apply, from MMORPGs to SPORPGs, and beyond…

I’ve added a kind of Blog of the Week link in the sidebar, but since I have no idea whether I will faithfully update it weekly, I just went with “Blog Spotlight”.  The Anyway Games blog is my pick for this week/random time period.  I just like the way the man thinks.

Psychochild points out an excellent article by indie MMO dev Eric Rhea, adding some commentary of his own as well.  Good stuff all around.  I should really find time to respond on the weekend challenge, as well…

I also wanted to point out an interesting post over at the Forge about the Sherwood RPG and the underlying business model.  A rather unique model, completely advertising supported, even to the point of directing traffic to other MMOs.  Another one I have to find time to check out… sigh.

Ran across this one via an ad on a web comic site (can’t remember if it was Schlock Mercenary or Girl Genius, oh well): a indie online RPG (does it qualify as an MMO? not sure) by the name of Fallen Sword.  It’s a browser-based app, not even Java/Flash/Shockwave as far as I’ve found in the little bit I’ve been able to play with it (about 5 mins).  Revenue model appears to be microtransactions/RMT.  Another interesting feature is that it offers you a limited number of moves/turns per day.

And that’s what struck my fancy during the morning roundup…

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