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How sad is this… it’s easier to find time to comment at work than while on “vacation”.  Heh.

If there is any concept related to MMOs that I despise more, I don’t know what it would be.  (There are quite a few things that come close, tho, admittedly.)

The “end game”.  A kludged convention of convenience used to putty over a gaping hole in the typical MMORPG design… and usually pretty poorly, at that.

Let’s just start with a few basics.

1) There is not a single company operating such a service anywhere on the planet that actually wants the player to stop paying… I mean, playing.  Having an “end game” kinda implies an “end” to play, right?  (Yes, I do realize that, in terms of current implementation, the end game is actually a desperate attempt to prevent an end to play…)

2) If the “end game” is drastically different than the “regular game”, three questions come to mind.

  • First, why did the developer want to go and spend the money to make two games, instead of just one?
  • Second, was it really necessary to make the players who want to play this “end game” slog through a game they possibly/probably didn’t want to play (the “regular game”) to get to it?
  • Third, if a player actually likes the “regular game”, are they really going to want to stop playing it at some arbitrary point, and play a different one instead?

3) If the “end game” is not drastically different from the “regular game”… well, it’s not really an “end game” at all then, is it?

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