Ok, not really.  However, I am vacationing (my version of it, at least), and the ol’ blog has suffered for it thus far.  That may change over the next couple of days… don’t know.  My vacations often end up to be, in some ways, busier and more stressful than my work days.  (There are reasons I don’t take “vacations” very often…)

I have just about finalized the location for the next MMMOGIG on June 30 (2pm-6pm).  Kip’s Authentic Irish Pub has private meeting rooms of it’s own that can be reserved, with food and drink service included.  It’s not “final” simply because they haven’t gotten the paperwork to me yet.  Depending upon how it goes, this might become the default location for future meetings… all the details seem to work perfectly, so far.

As for a topic, I was thinking we could maybe discuss various aspects of guilds and raiding-styles of play.  It’s kind of been a general topic of interest over the past few weeks.  I also have a little starter app from a couple of weekends ago I’d like to get some general feedback on, for those willing to take a few minutes to critique it.  If anyone else has something to bring for viewing or discussion, just let me know.

Anyway, no, I’m not dead.  Yet.  Type at you later…