Deep in the middle of something, but I have promised myself I would at least post once a weekend, and right now it looks like now better be the time… so, linkage!

A good post on ways to better create a perspective of character progression at a blog I just found via comment linkage.  Looks like a promising site, adding it to the blogroll, too.

I just have to comment on this: the most popular post ever on my site so far was the Inner Sanctum post.  It generated a couple hundred hits over a 5 day span, over 100 in a single day.  (Usually it takes a link from the VirginWorlds blog news list to get a post up above 20 or so.)  Of course, given the number of RSS feed lists I’m apparently on now, hit counts are a spotty measure at best, but it was still pretty amazing.  Hat-tip to Cuppy, a good call, you obviously hit upon a meme that people had interest in.  P.S. Mr. Zenke at MMOG Nation has his pics up now… he was a couple days behind the crowd, figured I’d point it out, just in case anyone doesn’t have him on their RSS feed (and why not!?!).

A convergence of the local blogosphere and the professional one can be found over at Cuppycake’s blog as well, on the topic of what makes something an online game vs. virtual world.  Moorgard, Lum, and Raph are all tied into that one in varying degrees.  If you’re into philosophical perspectives and semantics like I am, this is bread and butter for you.

Tweety continues her entertaining evisceration of everyone in creation over at Eating Bees.  This one is a true gem, IMO.  (I thought I added her to the blogroll, already…)

Eh, process is finally done.  Back to the salt mines…