Well, the results of my little poll are in, and they are less than absolute in either direction.  Both June 30 and July 14 work for some and not for others.  Therefore, since I hate disappointing _anyone_… I’m going to schedule a get-together for _both_ weekends, and everyone is welcome to attend either or both as they wish.

I’m working on locations at the present time.  Kip’s Pub (in the same Marriott our first meeting was in) has it’s own meeting rooms with wireless connectivity, which might work better in terms of access to refreshments… I’ve got a request for information in to them to check on availability and pricing. 

I’d be willing to host meetings at my home as well (potentially a somewhat less expensive venue, at least), but people would need to be willing to drive to Apple Valley.  Drop me a line via meetup.com, or let me know in comments, if people would be okay with that on occasion.

Hope everyone can attend at least one of these… I’ve updated the meetup site as well.  Feel free to wax poetic on what a wimp I am in comments…