Cuppycake asked us MMO bloggers for pics of our gaming environment, and since I am relatively happy with it’s state of organization after this past weekend, I decided to be my usual soft touch and comply with her request.  (Plus, it gave me a reason to make sure my camcorder still works.)

Pics galore beneath the fold.

Work area

The desk in my home-office (click on the above for the full-size view). The LCD monitor/keyboard/mouse combo on the left is for my main gaming computer. The older CRT/keyboard/mouse combo on the right is for work. Both have attached KVM switches as well, since I have an older gaming box that I can use for some games with somewhat lower specs (Shadowbane, once upon a time; only CoH/CoV, of late) and do some dual-box gaming when the mood takes me.

Sven and Ole

The two little white hairballs standing watch atop the CRT are Sven and Ole, little viking figures actually (supposedly) from Norway… my mother and youngest sister went over a few years back, brought them back for me.  Said they thought of me the instant they saw them… not quite sure what that was supposed to mean.  (I suspect I should be offended.)

Off to the left of that desk…

The computer hutch

The previously mentioned flaky PC is up top at the moment, having had some attention this weekend.  The e-machines mutant in the center is my reserved-for-work box (not good for much else).  The white box to the right is the older gaming machine, one that would now need a complete overhaul to do much more than WoW or CoH on lowest settings.  Printers, headphones, KVM switches… and cords everywhere.

The rest of the room, spinning clockwise from the desk…

File cabinet corner

The filing cabinet corner.  As you can probably tell, I’m a wee bit behind on my filing…

Shelving with games and programming books

Book shelves, part 1.  You probably can’t make out much given the resolution… the leftmost shelf is MMOs, CRPGs, and RTS titles, going back to about, oh, 1980 or thereabouts.  The right hand shelf is (top-to-bottom) magazines and a few misc RPG rulebooks, graphics programs (from Poser to Paintshop) and other utilities, and then a variety of programming books, either older, or gaming related.  (The newer, “serious” ones are at the office, of course.)

Bookshelves part 2

The corner hutch is a great example of my usual default filing technique… i.e., “piling”.  The full length CD racks are mostly games or other software, of course…  a little music in there, but not much, I usually prefer silence.  The bookshelf on the right is the main body of my RPG rulebook collection, some modules and expansion books as well.  There’s an unpictured closet to the right with more software from ancient times, stuff like Clipper, Access 1.0, Turbo C for the Mac, that kind of thing… and that’s about it.

So, that’s Damiano’s inner sanctum.  It’s not quite the Batcave, but it suits me, I guess.