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I haven’t done a mere linkage post in quite a while… in part because there wasn’t a whole lot out there that I found interesting enough to link to.  A couple have popped up lately, tho…

Boon at MMOCritic has a solid post up on combat and perspectives on changing the activity to be a bit more engaging.  It ties back into some of the subthemes of this Kill Ten Rats post as well.

Raph Koster has been doing a lot of posts on the business side of the business, as opposed to the design side, which while I personally find it interesting, I usually don’t have anything to add or much to point out.  This recent “mailbag post” had a few points of great interest to me, however, specifically the last question about design documents.  I think I like that layout better than some of the others I’ve seen in the past, more immediately usable and a good foundation…

There’s also an older post at Random Battle by Cameron that I’ve wanted to highlight for a while, talking about NPC interaction in general.  It’s been out there for 3 weeks, admittedly, but I like what he’s saying.  (Craig Perko has written posts along similar lines in the past.)

Over at Tales of the Rampant Coyote, the Coyote himself is posting a weekly progress report on the process he is going thru in making a RPG for the MyDreamRPG “Game in a Year” contest/challenge.  Fascinating stuff, well worth reading.

That’s it for the moment, I guess.  Later…

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