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So, as mentioned previously, I am working on arranging for a little get-together here in the Twin Cities for as many of us local MMO enthusiasts I can round up.

I have reserved a small event room (Longford boardroom, max occup. 14) at the Minneapolis Marriott West in St. Louis Park (169 and 394, essentially) for June 2nd, 2pm-6pm, which includes the convenient ability to wander back and forth between Kip’s Authentic Irish Pub and Restaurant as each of us sees fit.  Should be a decent venue, I would think.  (It’s not finalized just yet, so if there is a huge outcry about schedules, etc., no problem making changes over the next day or so.)

I would like to make this a semi-regular event if possible.  No agenda per se, just get together and discuss games in general, and presumably MMOs in particular.  Any and all interested are welcome… I’ll spring for a round or two, as well.

So… anyone interested?

Update: Per Brent’s suggestion from the comments, I have created a group for MMMOGIG at for the gathering.  Feel free to stop in and RSVP, take the little test poll I’ve set up, etc.


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