Well, figured I’d take another stab at this, with a little more lead time, and a more central location, see if there is really any interest.

My thoughts at present: first Saturday (or Sunday, if preferred) of each month, mid-afternoon (2:00 was suggested by Ethic), at some location relatively close to central Mpls/St. Paul (still to be precisely determined).  For this one, let’s say Saturday, June 2, 2:00 pm.  I’ll firm up a location over the weekend.  Does that work?

I’m still looking for a place where people can both get some quiet space to talk and maybe even actually hear one another, but can also have a few other things to do in case the main topic isn’t of great interest.  Throw in a desire for some sort of wi-fi in the mix… I’m still weeding through the options.  (I’ve had 3 possibles suggested over the past couple weeks.)

Feel free to post here, or join the google group in the sidebar, to chime in…