(cc’d from an email I just sent off to mud-dev… heck, at least it is something to post 🙂 )

On 5/15/07, “Tess Snider” wrote:

>> Is there /any/ ways perma-death can be implemented without being hated
>> by players?
> I used to be an admin on an RP TinyMUSH with permadeath.  So, what I’m
> about to tell you is not a load of ivory tower theoretical BS.  For
> permadeath to work for the players, you need to satisfy the following
> requirements:
> 1.) Death must be rare.
> 2.) Death must be meaningful.
> 3.) Death must be noteworthy.
> 4.) Death must be avoidable, and it should be a *consequence* of
> something the player has consciously chosen to do.
> 5.) The player must be able to make a new character with the same —
> or roughly the same — level of ability as the old one.

Thank you.  That has to be the most succinct and complete summation of the necessary components I have yet seen.

>> Well, the first question is surely why?

The answer, for me, is that it would be one way (amongst many possible options, admittedly) to _force_ the designers (assuming they have clue one about what they are doing) to NOT make Diku-WoW-clone #5439875… and counting…

I pre-ordered LotRO and played off and on for about two weeks total.  That’s probably going to be about it, too, despite all their excellent work and solid release.  Worse, I have none of the typical excuses to fall back on… poor performance, buggy initial release, or any of the other old dodges I’ve used in the past to explain the problem away.

So, why?

Because I sit there at the login screen, and say to myself… “I’ve done all this before.  Why bother?”

Now, I was an early adopter, been playing these things on one level or another for coming up on 20 years.. first text, then graphics (and I was a pen-and-paper RPer for nearly a decade before that).  I’m not the typical player, I fully admit and agree.  Regardless… if that’s not a “canary in the coal mine” moment, I don’t know what would be.

My two cents…