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(cc’d from an email I just sent off to mud-dev… heck,¬†at least it is something to post ūüôā )

On 5/15/07,¬†“Tess Snider”¬†wrote:

>> Is there /any/ ways perma-death can be implemented without being hated
>> by players?
> I used to be an admin on an RP TinyMUSH with permadeath.¬† So, what I’m
> about to tell you is not a load of ivory tower theoretical BS.  For
> permadeath to work for the players, you need to satisfy the following
> requirements:
> 1.) Death must be rare.
> 2.) Death must be meaningful.
> 3.) Death must be noteworthy.
> 4.) Death must be avoidable, and it should be a *consequence* of
> something the player has consciously chosen to do.
> 5.) The player must be able to make a new character with the same —
> or roughly the same — level of ability as the old one.

Thank you.  That has to be the most succinct and complete summation of the necessary components I have yet seen.

>> Well, the first question is surely why?

The answer, for me, is that it would be one way (amongst many possible options, admittedly) to _force_ the designers (assuming they have clue one about¬†what they are doing) to NOT make Diku-WoW-clone #5439875… and counting…

I pre-ordered LotRO and played off and on for about¬†two weeks total.¬† That’s probably going to be about it, too,¬†despite all their excellent¬†work and solid release.¬† Worse, I have none of the typical excuses to fall back on…¬†poor performance, buggy initial release, or any of the other old dodges I’ve used in the past to explain the problem away.

So, why?

Because¬†I sit there at the login screen, and¬†say to myself… “I’ve done all this before.¬† Why bother?”

Now, I was an early adopter, been playing these things on one level or another for coming up on¬†20 years.. first text, then graphics (and I was a pen-and-paper RPer for nearly a decade before that).¬† I’m not the typical player, I fully admit and agree.¬† Regardless… if¬†that’s not a¬†“canary in the coal mine” moment, I don’t know what would be.

My two cents…

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