Another hectic non-stop week.  Had a few moments of relative calm, thankfully… but far too few.  There should be more posting over next week or so, tho…

On a positive note, I have signed up to help out on an intern-style basis at Last Straw Productions, working on whatever needs doing, basically.  My first project is to just add some simple AI to the targets in the Fowl Prowl game… the challenge will be not to go overboard (I have 4 pages of ideas… all of which are drastic overkill for a basic arcade-style target shooting game.  Sigh.)  I met with the other interns a few nights ago, looks like a good crew.  It should be a good experience.

My solar panels are in and generating energy… woot!  Next step is to run some cable out to the converter… it has an RS232 port, after all.  That’s an open invitation if I ever saw one.  Real time monitoring, heh.

I haven’t even had time to pursue much linkage, I’m afraid.  My first excursion into the interwebs didn’t come up with much of great interest that I wanted to comment on/about.  Everybody is busily working away on the next WoW-killer I guess.  And without me, dagnabbit.

Something significantly substantive soon?  Surely!