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Too busy this weekend to be inspired to write much, and even the usual suspects are being rather quiet, so not much linkage to share either.  Sigh.  (If you’re following the emote thread on the mud-dev2 mailing list, that was for you.  Heh.)

I spent most of the few hours I had this weekend that were not spent working playing with Microsoft’s XNA Refresh 1.0, their game development toolkit.  Reluctantly, I have to admit, I was impressed.   It would probably be a good fit for an intermediate high school or early college software class, as an introduction to C#, the basics of classes, and the like.  The documentation isn’t too bad, and there are already some decent tutorials around the web, as well.

Oh, and yes, I saw Spider-man 3.  I suspect you’ll like it more if you don’t follow the Spiderman comics than if you do.  They took a few… liberties… with the characters, shall we say?  Also, from some of the reviews I read, a few people seem to have forgotten this was an action flick, not a drama: yes, some of the cheese was a bit overdone, no whine for me, thanks.  My take: it was decent as light entertainment, about what I expected.

I do have a couple of recent links to share, tho…

That’s all I got for now…

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