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Another excellent day.  For now, I’ll just throw some random recollections out there.

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Well, obviously no live blogging… sorry about that, but the Conference Center is apparently charging rates that make extortion look like charity to simply activate wi-fi, so I don’t blame the organizers for not springing for it.

Lots of great stuff.  I didn’t catch a lot of the keynote, but the parts I did catch were inspirational enough for me. 

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The inaugural (and hopefully first of many) Indie MMO Game Developers Conference (, being held just down the road from me in Minneapolis, kicks off tomorrow morning.  Obviously, I’m going to be there.  If my laptop’s wireless cooperates, I may give liveblogging a try… (no guarantees tho, it can be pretty flaky.)

Updated the blogroll, added GamersInfo.Net and Tobold’s Blog, since I have been checking each of them more often of late.

As usual, several thought-provoking posts at Zen of Design in the past couple of days… this one on size of world and the concept of “cozy spaces” is one I will probably do a bit of freeform blue-skying on, one of these days.  Specifically, what are some things that could be tried to have settings that are both large and yet cozy?

Off to pay the bills for another day.  More later…

Nothing to do with gaming.  Just had to point this one out: it’s been on my wishlist-for-humanity for, um, oh, forever.

Pentagon Considering Study on Space-Based Solar Power

Not exactly a new or original idea, btw.  For example, I have an Omni magazine from May 1993 discussing the same basic idea: article was titled Power From Space: Now!

“Now!” was apparently perceived by the powers-that-be as a relative term…

It’s apparently going to be a Solar Power themed day for me.  In addition to the above, the electrician is due at noon to get a feel for my house wiring in preparation for the installation of my brand-spanking-new 2.4 kw grid of piezoelectric collectors (solar panels) in the next week or so. 

Finally.  Nearly a year after I first started the purchasing process. 

Better late than never, I guess…

Some comments over at Zen of Design sparked this one… specifically this post on death penalties, and this follow-up on death penalties in general.  (And after all, is there a more appropos time to ruminate about the themes of death and resurrection than immediately after Easter Sunday?)

In the second post, Damion points out some of the problems related to imposing hefty death penalties on the players, and that there are alternatives even within existing perspectives which effectively target different types of players and styles of play.  For my part, I have no huge argument with much of what he writes… in relation to the basic paradigm of MMO/CRPG games today.

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Phil and Dixie spell it out (from 1980 or thereabouts…)

P.S. Happy Easter, everyone!

Light posting will continue for the rest of the week… more travel, a larger than average deal hovering on the horizon at work, plus Easter and other sundries.  Fun, fun.

IMGDC is now 10 days away.  Looks like I may be helping out in the registration booth… nice to be able to lend a hand.  Hope to provide semi-live blogging, or at least end-of-day updates of the sessions I am able to attend.

I missed this earlier (weird, because I have them on my RSS feed list), but Brent over at Virgin Worlds was at GDC last month and wrote up several of the sessions he attended.  He also does some very entertaining podcasts on a regular basis… if you don’t already, stop in and give them a listen…


Reminder: It’s April Fools Day.  Word to the Wise: Take everything with a grain of salt, until fully verified… or preferably, until April 2nd.

In other breaking news, the Grouchy Gnome has decided to wrap it up and shut down the Nerfbat blog.  No relation to the above, I’m sure.

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