Another brief post, since I have some work I set aside last night that needs to get finished asap…

MMMOGIG #0 was both less successful than I hoped, and more successful than I expected.  The total attendance ended up being a mere 2, which, given the short notice and all, was probably more than reasonable.  If you were running late and arrived after 6:30, I apologize… we decided to decamp over to the nearby Italian Pie Shop (yum) for a while, and someone was being very insistent about locking the outside doors to the building (3 times I had to unlock them total from 5:30 on).  I apologize profusely if you made the trip and got locked out.

The discussion was enjoyable.  It ended up being mainly a comparison of previous games played, and wishful thinking about the future in the mainstream MMO market.  No real discussion on a development level, it was more of a features-centric back-and-forth, but it was still interesting.  My personal longing for a greatly expanded and updated UO largely fell on deaf ears, unfortunately… 🙂

Craig Perko has a tiny but dead-on accurate (succinct, in other words) little post about the challenges of creating more realistic characters in games.  It’s a topic that’s been on my mind a lot lately, so I wanted to point it out.

Most of the usual suspects have been relatively quiet of late… everybody is buckling down to work on the next generation of releases for a while, it would appear.  I might have to go back to posting on my own design more regularly… (you’ve been warned!)

Eh, I’d better hit the road, lots of work on my plate.  Later…