Too distracted by real-world issues to indulge my game design obsession much over the past few days, but I did happen across a few things of interest…

Jeff Vogel (Spiderweb Software) has posted a followup rant about current RPG gameplay(h/t to the Rampant Coyote).  Good stuff (if a bit short and overly kind, IMO).

Tobold has a lot of great LotRO commentary up, several posts over the past week or so, including this post related to wishes for something besides combat-centric MMOs…

… which leads us to the latest weekend challenge from Psychochild: posting ideas for non-combat gameplay systems.  Some good ideas in there, I think (leaving aside my hurried comment at the outset there).

P.S.  I was whizzing around the blogosphere over the weekend (waiting for some code to finish NOT compiling), and noticed a few places that had me on their blogroll that (I am ashamed to say) I had never even heard of before. 

If you have such a spot, or run across one, please leave a comment so can I get a link set up… I’ll set up a “Friends Of ViE” category (or maybe some kind of icon/notation) in the blogroll just for that purpose, once I have a link or two more to add.  (Now if I could just remember where those blogs were… grrr)