Announcing the inaugural meeting of the Minnesota Massive Multiplayer Online Game Interest Group!  (mmm-o-gig.  We really need a better acronym.)

Okay, I’m really just throwing something out there so people can tell me why

  1. this date is too close/far away/inconvenient,
  2. this location is too close/far away/inconvenient,
  3. this time is too early/late/inconvenient,
  4. the agenda is too freeform/structured/just all wrong,
  5. and so on.

(See, I’ve been in management.  I know how this works.) 

Feel free to pipe up if you have suggestions/better ideas, none of it is necessarily set in stone.

Date and Time:
Saturday, April 28, 6pm-whenever

VoiceNet Technologies, Inc.
3140 Neil Armstrong Blvd, Suite 301
Eagan, MN 55121

Eat pizza (Carbone’s okay?  I’ll buy… post preferences here)
Drink beverages (suggest beverage choices here, or BYOB)
Meet local people interested in MMOs
Talk about MMOs
Show off anything you’ve written up, developed, or created.
Discuss how to organize the next one better than the loon that did this one, and have more than 3 people show up.