The inaugural (and hopefully first of many) Indie MMO Game Developers Conference (, being held just down the road from me in Minneapolis, kicks off tomorrow morning.  Obviously, I’m going to be there.  If my laptop’s wireless cooperates, I may give liveblogging a try… (no guarantees tho, it can be pretty flaky.)

Updated the blogroll, added GamersInfo.Net and Tobold’s Blog, since I have been checking each of them more often of late.

As usual, several thought-provoking posts at Zen of Design in the past couple of days… this one on size of world and the concept of “cozy spaces” is one I will probably do a bit of freeform blue-skying on, one of these days.  Specifically, what are some things that could be tried to have settings that are both large and yet cozy?

Off to pay the bills for another day.  More later…