Nothing to do with gaming.  Just had to point this one out: it’s been on my wishlist-for-humanity for, um, oh, forever.

Pentagon Considering Study on Space-Based Solar Power

Not exactly a new or original idea, btw.  For example, I have an Omni magazine from May 1993 discussing the same basic idea: article was titled Power From Space: Now!

“Now!” was apparently perceived by the powers-that-be as a relative term…

It’s apparently going to be a Solar Power themed day for me.  In addition to the above, the electrician is due at noon to get a feel for my house wiring in preparation for the installation of my brand-spanking-new 2.4 kw grid of piezoelectric collectors (solar panels) in the next week or so. 

Finally.  Nearly a year after I first started the purchasing process. 

Better late than never, I guess…