Reminder: It’s April Fools Day.  Word to the Wise: Take everything with a grain of salt, until fully verified… or preferably, until April 2nd.

In other breaking news, the Grouchy Gnome has decided to wrap it up and shut down the Nerfbat blog.  No relation to the above, I’m sure.

Played in the open LOTRO beta (pre-orders got in yesterday) for a couple hours early yesterday morning (insomnia for teh win!)  No lag at all, overall solid performance.  Graphics were good, the newbie area was pretty solid in terms of “feeling like” Middle Earth (at least for elves and dwarves, haven’t seen the human and hobbit areas yet.)

Sadly, it still left me cold… my fault, not the game’s.  My general impression was “I’ve played this game before… many times.”  Just different graphics and a slightly different character development model.  I’ll still buy it, and subscribe for a bit… 1) “support the industry”; and 2) give the game a truly fair shake (I mean, 2 hours of play?  Good grief, I’ve got to give it more of a chance than that.) 

About time to stick my toe back into Vanguard again, too… the initial frantic post-release patching should pretty much be done by now, right?  Wanted to check out Roma Online, too… an email on mud-dev has got me curious about their alternative combat interface/system. 

Also have to spend some more time working through Mike Rozak’s CircumReality demo, as first announced on mud-dev… impressive amount of work, but it’s so different from what I’ve become used to that I’m finding it hard to orient myself.  The combat system and the cavern with the apparently never-ending stream of rats really had me going… I also could not get anybody to understand what I had to say… that’s possibly a problem related to deciding to try life as a talking kangaroo, however.  Note that Mr. Rozak’s commentary website is linked in the blogroll… lots of good stuff there, as well.

Humbug.  Too much to do, nowhere near enough time to do it.  Til later…