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Psychochild’s weekend challenge for this week is up, and hits on a topic that I’ve turned over in my mind for years.  To quote…

…Let’s say you’re working on a typical combat-focused online RPG. One feature requested on the forums is that players that take wounds should perform worse than a fully healed character. Your job is to design this system to work within a game…

Obviously an atypical implementation.  I’m not sure I can recall more than a couple of CRPGs that implemented anything similar… the only one I can link to offhand is UnReal World, a roguelike variant out of Finland.  (It’s an interesting game, btw, I recommend giving it a whirl if you haven’t already.)

(Edited to add a link to the original post… good grief, how did I forget to do that?)

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Another situation where it’s always “feast or famine”.  Typical.

As I mentioned a week ago, a review of the usual suspects (i.e. blogs I usually visit) was pretty light on content, particularly content that I had any comments about…

Today?  I’ve got at least three items that I could probably ramble on for hours about… and nowhere near that much time to give. (sigh)

A few links, perhaps to pursue later…

Over at Tales of the Rampant Coyote, a perfect Rogue’s Lament that I am 110% in agreement with.  150% even.  With emphasis.  (Just for starters: could you guys at least not superglue 99% of the treasure to the various monster’s loinclothes?)  The Coyote is a prolific and always interesting blogger, btw… if he’s not on your feed list, I would strongly recommend adding him.

Craig Perko has been his usual thought-provoking self even more often than usual of late, and I particularly liked this post on the Three Levels of Immersion.  Which is why I linked to it, obviously.

Our Supreme Overlord of Snark, the blogger formerly known Lum the Mad, was the first on my blogroll to notice and report on the sudden demise of CGM and Massive/MMO Games… and was even non-snarky about it in deference to the occasion.   Nerfbat also followed up on the story.  Kinda sad actually: I just got the latest edition of the just-renamed MMO Games yesterday… it wasn’t half bad, I think they were headed in the right direction in terms of content and variety.

Anyway, some posts with actual depth coming soon…

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