Well, that was an unexpected hiatus.  By way of explanation, the causes were:

  • multiple snowstorms,
  • multiple illnesses (probably aggravated by excessive exertion trying to dig out from aforementioned multiple snowstorms),
  • dueling time critical projects at the office (made much more difficult to attend to due to time spent digging out to reach the office, and time spent shivering and aching from the aftereffects of said digging), and
  • nothing much that seemed worth mumbling about.

It’s been a relatively quiet couple of weeks around the usual suspects, too.  Preparing for and attending GDC does seem to have that effect.  Hopefully everyone will come back charged up with new ideas to talk about.  For the moment, a few tidbits…

The new MUD-Dev mailing list has been pretty active over the past couple weeks.  Some interesting back and forth in there, and I haven’t even read all of it yet.  (Need to remember to add a link to the list signup page…)

LOTRO pre-order is on the shelves, and Pirates of the Burning Sea looks like they might be getting close to release.  I’ve been curious about both of those for quite some time… Q2 2007 is starting to look interesting.

The IMGDC web site has some more detail up about what is going to be covered at the conference.  I’m really looking forward to some of these sessions, I must admit…

Anyway, I’ll be climbing back into the traces more fully this weekend.  Maybe present some of my on-again, off-again planning work on my crafting test-of-concept…