Long weekend doing some basic stat analysis (54 million records take a while to work thru), followed by a bout with the flu… not a good week for my blog.

Some stuff I ran across…

An editorial in the Casual Play column on the “world vs game” concept over at MMORPG.com… don’t be thrown off by the tone, the writer is usually pretty incendiary.  While I don’t agree with a lot of the specifics he writes, the UO bashing in particular, I do think that the general idea he expresses has some merit.  Products that focus on being worlds are, by nature, often less friendly to casual players as a result.  For definition purposes, casual players in this instance being those who cannot or will not invest dozens or hundreds of hours to “find the fun”. 

I certainly don’t see this as an insurmountable issue for “worlds”… I think it is something that simply gets overlooked in the course of trying to get everything else done.

The new mud-dev mailing list has been pretty active the past few days.  Nice to see it chugging along again.  If you’re interested in subscribing, here’s the link

More this weekend, including the return of the RPG Archive posts (I promise!)…