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Just a few posts of interest around the blogroll that I thought I’d comment on briefly…

Raph (re-)opened the gates of Hell with a post on power-leveling services yesterday, which ended up having a loose tie-in with the SOE whitepaper re: Station Exchange, via the RMT angle.  Most of the same old arguments, for and against the everpresent “achievement meme” used to define “RPG” in the computer gaming world.

Lots of commentary, from various perspectives, from most of the usual suspects… it’s almost all linked via trackbacks over at his blog, so I’ll leave that as an exercise for the reader…

It was kind of interesting… I went to the new mud-dev mailing list archive/forum to see if I could pull a “blast-from-the-past” version of this same discussion from around the 1996/97/98 timeframe.  I had no luck finding a perfect match, but this series of messages caught my eye as I was searching, and has some of the same back and forth down in the thread…

Speaking of the mud-dev archive… next step will be to at least loosely categorize it all.  The folks at have offered to make the attempt, but considering the size of the archive, I’m not sure they knew what they were getting themselves into… even in the forum format, searching for a specific topic can be somewhat time-consuming at present.  The wiki project I remember seeing mention of (somewhere, grr, can’t find it) might also take a crack at it…

Craig Perko has had some great posts over the past few days on ideas for creating social simulations in games, both the pitfalls and some ideas for getting around them…

Brian Green, perhaps better known as Psychochild, posted some great news related to his recent collaboration/book, Business & Legal Primer for Game Development: it just went to it’s Second Printing.  It is an excellent resource, I highly recommend it if you have any interest in the business end of any kind of software development company: I’ve seen more than a few topics and lists of bulletpoints that easily apply to my own company.

Working on a little flash demo of what my version of a crafting game in an MMO might look like… we’ll see if I can find a few hours to throw it all together this weekend…

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