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Just some random stuff from the past day or so, while I wait for yet another data dump to parse thru here at work… 

Craig Perko has a good post up on a possible tactic for creating NPCs of interest… giving them goals.  An excellent perspective, I think…

I understand the “why” behind the design, but I still don’t like it: Vanguard’s harvesting and crafting sub-games both left me feeling cold.  At least it was for 2 different reasons.  More on that later…

Also, I’m personally finding the automatic shifting of equipment in Vanguard based on what particular task you are performing to be rather disruptive to my sense of immersion.  I know, I know… I’m a whiner.

On the plus side, I like that you don’t have to be godlike to own a horse (in Vanguard).  No doubt because there are plenty of other things (ships, houses, flying mounts, etc.) to fill the void… (/cynicism)

Oh well, back to the salt mines…

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