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Since I made comments a week or so ago on Vanguard’s diplomacy system, I’ve been contemplating (off and on, as time permitted) how that basic framework might be expanded upon and added to, in order to create something with even more “meat on it’s bones”, as it were. 

Don’t get me wrong: Vanguard’s system is more than a mere faction system ala EQ with a more direct interaction paradigm.  It is a rudimentary second mode of “adventuring”, with systems for generating quest arcs, area-wide bonuses, and in the future, mercantile opportunities, from what I can tell.  What it doesn’t do, however, is really add anything to the NPCs themselves… they are still basically vending machines (quest givers/merchants) and/or pinatas (monsters).  They just have more levers, or have a bill changer as well a coin slot… you get the idea.

I haven’t gotten all that much further down the road in my musings yet, but here’s some notations on what I’ve got so far…

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